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It is obviously known that finance and banking are crucial in any nation’s economic development. As a result, it has great influence on people’s living status and consumption trends. In order to understand Vietnamese consumers’ financial situation and point of view, T5R interviewed 1200 randomly selected consumers throughout the nation.Surprisingly, T5R’s research has landed a new perspective of this field.

In T5Research’s survey of 1,200 people in August 2015

  • You know that a half of Vietnamese population has homes of their own while 7% of the population lives in rent houses
  • Loan is not really popular to the Vietnamese.
    According to the survey, 50% of the population rates bank loan as relatively easy, but only about 16% of population borrows money every 3 months, of which 10% of loan comes from banks.
  • The Vietnamese do not invest in stocks or stock markets much, but about 10% of the population buy real estate every year.
    Hanoi people tend to buy real estate higher than other localities, but these properties are mostly bought to keep, to save, not to sell for profit. Because among about 10% of the population buy real estate every year, only about 3% of them intend to sell their properties.
  • Most Vietnamese tend to save more in the future
    The T5Research’s study shows that people in the Central and Southern provinces tend to save more than the North.

T5R interviews 1200 consumers in Vietnam about their  habits and behaviors toward to finance & banks on a monthly basis through Omnibus project. For the newest information, please click the link below for downloading. Or you can call us if you have any questions/ inquiries about Omnibus project. Our experts are willing to support you if needed..

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