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Bring order to all your research projects and increase the value immediately!


When surveys are structured and archived, they generate valuable actions

Many customers Instant notification Instant action
Customer loyalty declines CEO: Customer service must execute plan B
Ad campaign have reached target except among young people Marketing: Communicate using “young” media
Customers think our staff in customer support are arrogant Service: Service employees must be more in touch with customers
Competitor initiatives make more customers consider leaving us Development: We must create a new service concept quickly
In the next 6 months purchasing will be increased by… Production/sales: We adjust according to changes in demand
Single customer
Complaint or dissatisfaction Customer responsible: Contacts the client and solves the problem
Catglobe is amazing at data and statistical calculations! The system is totally unique, because all data is collected into one single database – no matter if it’s data from feedback, or data from process history. A unique logic, which means you can track any movement, actions and question completion.

As a result, you can efficiently create and monitor groups such as potential clients (competitors’ clients), your own clients, managers, employees, partners etc.

You will also be able to create statistical measurements across different projects – thus, you will never have to relocate data from one project to another again! Furthermore, in a split second you can find data and information about projects, clients, consultants, results and so on.

The database allows you to define work flows, meaning that you can specify a 360 degree work process, including triggering alarms and actions. This is the essence of “real time” or “Just in Time”.

All in all this means that you can build you own analysis institute. An example: IFKA, Institute of Business Cycle Analysis, was optimized by Catglobe. Prior to the introduction of Catglobe they had 14 full-time employees – after Catglobe, they only need 1 full-time employee!

Everything in Catglobe is automated: the interview process, the statistical calculations, the reports – all elements are therefore highly improved, and all error sources are eliminated as well!

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