T5Research – more than a market research company.

T5Research was established as an innovative market research & consultant company based on Maysunshine Company development. T5R is a member of Catglobe Survey Network which has been in South of Asia for more than 10 years.

Since 2010, MSS has cooperated with CEM Institute – Voxmeter in order to conduct hundreds of projects with thousands of surveys yearly about Economy, socials, politicals, Supermarket, Bank, NGO in Denmark and Vietnam.

CEM Institute – Voxmeter is one of top three companies that provide online survey services and solutions in Denmark and a sparring partner of T5R through the most of projetcs.


We strive to provide high quality surveys with high quality sampling at affordable prices to give an accurate image of the situation in Vietnam, so that businesses using our products can optimize their products, customer satisfaction or customer awareness.


Our mission is to provide an accurate image of what people or businesses think and feel, so that those thoughts and feelings can be converted into actions. Actions that improve products or company behavior for the benefit of both our customers and our customers’ customers.

We do this by designing questionnaires to accurately ascertain what a given persons or company’s views are, and then using high quality sampling to gather data. This data gives us an image of how the combined thoughts, feelings, ideas, complain…are.

We then take the data, and either delivers it to the client for their own deep investigations into what actions to take. Or together with the clients we create dynamic dashboards that visualize the data, allow the clients to setup alerts if newly collected data shows change that requires action. Click here for further information

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