IT Telecommunications

Advantages for the information technology and telecommunications industry to develop:

  • Habit, the trend of using entertainment services on smart devices is gradually changing
  • The development and popularity of social networks: Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, Twitter …
  • Using the Internet is and will be an inevitable trend, concentrated in young people
  • Change in user perception of reception, new cultural influence
  • Entertainment content is increasingly rich and varied
  • Vietnam is the country with the fastest growth in using technology (internet + smartphone) in the world today.
  • Technology and telecommunications networks are more developed and improved: 3G, 4G networks, wifi coverage from the city to the countryside.
  • Young human resources 9X, 10X are dynamic and creative

However, besides the advantages, this industry also faces many difficulties to “live and cover” further. Specifically:

  • Must build a modern technology platform, synchronization and optimization on the device
  • Some places, facilities, telecommunications infrastructure still have not met the demand
  • Privacy of personal information is not high
  • The quality of content has not been strictly controlled even for certain ages and scopes
  • Must keep up with the changing trend of young people?
  • Compete with other traditional forms of entertainment
  • How much is the cost for these services consistent with people’s living standards?
  • Human resources are few and weak in expertise
  • Receiving habits and attitudes are not positive in a large proportion of users

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