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Product that’s tailored to YOUR needs!

Our aim is that you as a client get delivered exactly what products you need – this is not always the biggest and most expensive solution, but rather a solution that fits exactly with your requirements and addresses your challenges, needs and purposes.

At T5Research we strive at conducting research that is useful and applicable to ‘real life’. Perhaps you want a simple assessment report or maybe an extended analysis; maybe you need a complete analysis system, where all your research knowledge and information is gathered or a web portal that presents all your results in an orderly and user friendly manner and allows you to continue working with them. Perhaps you only need data and statistical work or maybe just interviews and a data file that you can analyze on your own – either way, the essence is that efficiency and quality is taken to the highest level in all our products.

The methodological basis is always of high quality as well as customized to your exact needs, meaning that your investment is well spent. This requires an intelligent and well-adjusted analytically design, a simple but sufficient questionnaire, a well-defined target group and of course a representative sample of the total population – all set to match your budget.

Our research department has many years of experience and knowledge within a wide range of analysis. We work fast, are cost-effective and guarantee high validity and reliability. Furthermore, we are masters of flexibility, productivity and logistics, meaning that we never miss a deadline. With us, you are always able to make informed and qualified decisions on a valid basis!

As a result of putting ourselves in your place and adjusting our services to your requirements and needs, we always perform research of highest quality. You are the expert in your area and combined with our strong analytical skills and creativity we’ll meet your needs at the right price. We master all methods of interviewing, and, thanks to our own and very unique analysis system we are able to conduct interviews in a far more effective manner than our competitors.

Our focal point is the whole world – even though Vietnam and Denmark is our starting point. Therefore, we have many years of experience in coordinating projects and supporting partners across the world in using our unique analysis system.


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