Retail research

CEM Monitor – your retailers’ market positions

T5Research  conduct a quarterly retail research within a range of product categories, focusing on the market positions of your retailers – on market share, conversion, satisfaction and much more. Its name is CEM Monitor, and it gives you a solid foundation for evaluating and developing your sales and marketing strategy.

See how your retailers perform every quarter

Do you want to know your retailers’ performance level and do you want insight on how to improve it? With CEM Monitor, we uncover how your retailers perform on a number of parameters. You can compare your performance with other retailers and you get the opportunity to follow the development in your retailers’ customer shares.

CEM Monitor shows you where the challenges are and gives you the answers on how to turn the development around. For example, you can see the number of visits, quotes and purchased products for each retailer – and you gain valuable insight into the retailers’ ability to convert visits and quotes to sales. With CEM Monitor, you get coherent analyses, which will uncover everything from the reasons why lost clients did not choose you to customer satisfaction with the services of each retailer. In other words, you will know where you are doing well and where you need to make an effort.

Furthermore, CEM Monitor gives you strong profile knowledge of the Vietnamese and the groups that are relevant to you. Because the analysis is done every quarter, you can follow the development and compare the market now to its history.

Reporting your results

The results of the analysis are delivered every three months, immediately following the end of the quarter. This gives you continuous access to the most recent figures concerning your market. The results can be delivered in several different formats, so you will always have access to the format most suitable to you.

  • An online portal, where the results are shown and where you can go in depth with the results yourselves. You can break the data down to the exact segments and time periods that you are interested in.
  • Reports, which provide a written review of the results, conveyed in easily understandable language and amply illustrated with tables and figures.
  • Tables, which accompany the report and provide detailed supplementary material.

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