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CEM Bank Intelligence

CEM Bank Intelligence is based on the Customer Experience Management management philosophy. The concept is one unified analytics solution that continuously collects and disseminates all relevant knowledge about banking customers, whether it is B2B or B2C. The solution contributes with input to develop an effective strategy that creates better image, greater visibility to the right customer groups, increased commitment, greater customer loyalty and less customer turnover.

All knowledge is gathered on one common knowledge platform – creating increased synergy between the organisation’s departments and areas of action. All this is done by relaying daily representative customer interviews that, among other things, map their assessments of banks’ performance, preferences, demand, PR & communication reminder. 

Consulting and analysis reports


The T5R consultant receives the appointment to analyze and inspire, present key findings and make suggestions for improvement and action. Call us for more information.

Analysis Portal

  • Personalization
  • Content aggregation
  • Content syndication
  • Multi Device support
  • Single Sign On – SSO
  • Portal administration
  • Portal user management

Call us for more information.

Analysis reports

You can have most types of analysis reports delivered from day to day. Below are the types of analysis reports involved:

  • Market Map
  • Image
  • Knowledge
  • Segmentation
  • communication
  • Loyalty & Anti-Churn
  • Positioning
  • Forecast

Analysis and member system

CEM Bank Intelligence is set up and operated in Catglobe, a brand new efficient technology that draws on the best of CEM and CRM. With CEM Bank Intelligence, T5R has already gathered the most significant amount of knowledge, and if you choose to use Catglobe, you can build the most efficient customer systems where communication, consulting and customer care.

Bank Intelligence

Bank Analysis gathered in one reporting system.

Through the software Catglobe, CEM – T5R has contributed to Jyske Bank increasing its customer loyalty from 21.8% in August 2010 to 34.2% in December 2011. For comparison, the two largest banks in Denmark, Nordea and Danske Bank, have developed in the complete opposite direction in the same period.

 Customer loyalty is just one of 48 touchpoints in the Catglobe solution. Customer loyalty is calculated on a 10-point scale, where the objective is that a customer responds 9 or 10 to the question of how certain or uncertain it is that he/she is still a customer of the bank within one year from now. Defection analysis carried out in the Catglobe solution demonstrates the exact drop in the range between 0 and 10. Converted into monetary value 1-percentage points in the customer loyalty score can be measured in millions – therefore, it clearly is of high priority.

The other 47 touchpoints include advertising effect, advisor service, product experience, image, service experience, importance as well as many other aspects. These touchpoints are monitored continuously through 250 nationally representative interview per week (13,000 a year) including boost interview with Jyske Bank’s own customers. Different touchpoints can be added and removed at certain periods, such as pre- and post-tests of communication and campaign materials.

All touchpoints are accumulated into a “CEM KPI score” that expresses the company’s customer balance. The KPI score is calculated dynamically based on what the customer considers most important. For example, ‘service experience’ (one of the 48 touchpoints) is divided into 21 sub-areas and the customer specifies the six service areas that are most important to him/her. These areas score a higher value than the less important areas. The uniqueness of Catglobe is that you can instantly zoom in on the causes of variations in the KPI score – thereby, you can easily see which levers to pull to increase good service experiences.

The Catglobe solution serves as an operational decision tool and customer audit system, which allows executives and analysts to monitor the impact of their actions in terms of a variety of touch points – always in real time.

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