Quality panels

T5Research’s interview method and panel management is entirely unique and all-important to the foundation of our analyses. We focus among other things on the following measures to ensure the quality of our panels:

  1. Everyone is picked at random and recruited via telephone.
  2. All person types are represented in the panel.
  3. We want everyone to feel appreciated for the time they spend helping us. As thanks, we support a number of charitable causes.
  4. Thanks to a high level of loyalty, background information can be accumulated, which creates a complete picture.
  5. Our panellists are of course ensured 100% anonymity.

Everyone is picked at random and recruited via telephone.

Panel arrowT5Research only conducts interviews, where the respondents are picked at random and recruited for the panel via telephone by trained interviewers. This ensures a high achievement rate and a large spread of person types. We never use respondents, who have signed up through banner ads, pop-ups for testing websites or similar. This gives T5R 100% control of who our members are, and we can ensure that no one participates more than once. This means that the panel is representative for the entire part of the population that has access to the internet. Read more about our recruitment principles here.

All person types are represented in the panel

We work with an incentive structure that accommodates different person types. As thanks for their participation, our panellists earn points, which they can use for either donations to charity, gift certificates, raffle tickets or for saving. This ensures a high level of loyalty among the panellists.

As thanks to our panellists we support charitable causes

We work to make all types of people feel appreciated for the time they spend helping us. In 2014, T5R and our panellists donated 10 million VND. to NGOs.

Detailed web of background information

We are continuously receiving more background information about our panellists within for example demographic and lifestyle-related variables. Read more here.

At the moment, the panel consists of 86,000 panellists. The panel is constantly growing at the rate of about 500 new members per week. We conduct 1,000 telephone interviews every week for our telephone omnibus. Here, we monitor the banks and NGOs, and there is also room for clients, who wish to ask ad hoc questions. As a regular element, we recruit members for T5R’s web panel.

Customer panels – build your own panel

T5R can help you build and maintain your very own panels – typically customer panels, but our services also include panels consisting of a single group of citizens, potential customers or other groups.

By building your own panel, you can reach your target group and save money in an effective manner. T5R have helped among others the City of Copenhagen, Nilfisk-Advance, Coop and Coloplast gain quick access to a dialogue with citizens and consumers, partners and suppliers.

You are welcome to call us for more information about our panels and the customer panels we can help you with.

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