Customer Experience Management

See the road to success through the customers’ eyes

The fundamental vision at T5Research is to enable you to see yourselves through the eyes of the customers. T5R has realised the philosophy behind Customer Experience Management and created a range of management tools, which in different ways bring you in uniquely close contact with the customers.

CEM Economy predicts society, politics and market. CEM Monitor gives you a unique insight into the market positions of your distributors. If you want the ultimate close contact with the customers, CEM Intelligence is the solution.

CEM Intelligence – customer-based business development

Customer Experience Management illustrationWith CEM intelligence, you get the ultimate insight into how the Vietnamese meet you and your competitors. We uncover the behaviour, needs and plans of your customers and potential customers. We map out all the touchpoints, where the customers meet you – based on your specific products, services, focus areas and needs.

With coherent knowledge about the customers’ experiences, you can prioritise your efforts and see how they influence each other. You get knowledge of how to attract, win and retain more customers – as well as how to predict the market and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

All knowledge is accessible from your own online portal, where you can follow the experience of your customers continuously and in real time i.e. while it is happening. Some of the most sought-after areas in our clients’ CEM Intelligence surveys are customer loyalty, ad tests, image, credibility and reputation.

CEM Intelligence brings you in close contact with the customers.
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